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Enquiry Agents

SpyCo.co.uk provide a range of services for individuals and solicitors, including:
  • enquiries to establish the facts in a matrimonial case
  • enquiries to find a missing person
  • service of legal documents, such as writs and summonses
For commercial enquiries, such as establishing internal fraud, go to the Covert Surveillance page.


We operate throughout England and Wales. In addition, we can serve documents in Scotland provided they were issued by a court in England or Wales.


Where appropriate, we aim to provide evidence that will be acceptable in any proceedings, such as divorce or debt recovery.

Case Study 1

Mr A had been adopted as a baby and wanted to find his birth mother. Acting alone he made little progress, so he engaged SpyCo.co.uk. We pursued enquiries on his behalf and after several weeks were succcessful in locating his birth mother.

Case Study 2

Mrs B suspected her husband of having an affair, so she engaged SpyCo.co.uk. We observed her husband at key times and collected evidence for divorce proceedings.


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Service of document
Service of Legal Process


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