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Covert Surveillance

SpyCo.co.uk can install a variety of devices that monitor what is going on within a company and detect losses, for example from:
  • employee theft or petty pilfering
  • misuse of the internet and company e-mail
  • sweethearting - that is selling things to friends or relatives at cut prices
  • vendor theft - where a vendor surreptitiously picks up more than they ordered
  • employees simply not working when unsupervised
  • shoplifting
In most cases, apart from shoplifting, surveillance may only be required until the matter is resolved.

Why Bother?

Choosing to ignore losses of these sorts can seriously undermine the profitability of a business, and leads to higher prices and lost sales. When individuals embark on these activities they invariably become increasingly ambitious, so losses creep up and up. Alternatively a culture of minor frauds become significant when multiplied by the number of employees in a company. This can often mean that losses are not easily seen, and need sophisticated techniques to detect properly.

From Suspicion to Evidence

You may have a strong suspicion about what is happening and who is responsible. But suspicion is not enough to accuse someone. And innocent employees could be drawn into the web. The techniques we use will provide good evidence to establish the facts and support further action against the culprit, or culprits, such as:
  • disciplinary proceedings
  • dismissal
  • recovery of losses
  • prosecution
In all cases we aim to provide evidence that will be acceptable in any proceedings, such as an employee tribunal or a criminal court.

Surveillance Techniques

Unlike CCTV, which is a visible means of security, covert surveillance must be just that. The technique used in each case must be tailor-made to suit the particular features and location. As these are invariably unique, skilled analysis is necessary before deciding how to deploy the appropriate device. For example, miniature video cameras may be hidden inside everyday objects. They can then monitor and record on DVD:
  • cash register transactions
  • telephone calls
  • use of computers
  • work areas
And all this must be done in a way that complies with employment law.

More Information

For more about covert surveillance read Andy Perry's articles on the subject.


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Miniature camera


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