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TV surveillance

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Articles by Andy Perry

These three published articles deal with covert surveillance. They explain how surveillance works, when it might be used and how it can save money:

1. "The Million Pound Tactic"

Published in the Worcester Evening News

People watching is the way in which human beings utilise their senses. They watch and analyse constantly looking for signs of aggression, fear and friendliness. Continue reading article ...

2. "In God, We Trust, everything else is covert"

Published in Focus Business

Businesses are losing money hand over fist through dishonest activity on the part of customers, employers, employees and competitors. However, there are some particular specific weaknesses which can be plugged and, in many cases, simple and inexpensive techniques are very effective at reducing losses. Continue reading article ...

3. "Great Business Ideas of Our Time"

Published in EN Magazine

Ever walked into the office on a Monday morning to find the fax machine has disappeared? Does the company go through more postage stamps in a month than a small African country? If so, the chances are that the staff are on the fiddle. Continue reading article ...



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